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Partners for Educational Leadership (PEL)

The PEL program prepares education leaders to meet the challenges of 21st Century School Administration.

The Program consists of four weeks of classes in June and July which prepare participants for an internship beginning in the fall. Participants can complete internship requirements while remaining in their current campus or district office positions. An on-site supervisor and field supervisor will be provided to help the intern through the process.

Internship activities include leading staff development activities, progressing the vision and mission of the school through data driven decision making and program implementation and exploration of the key areas of leadership in their local education agencies.

Program Implementation

During the months of August – May, interns will attend class one Saturday per month and participate in one evening class per month, which will be held through the internet. These classes will also include preparation for the TeXes Principal exam.

Interns admitted without a Master’s Degree, must complete the degree before a certificate can be issued.

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